521 cubic inch Hemi

The heart of the Chevy Nova. is a Chrysler based Hemi.
This version is an aftermarket engine maunfatured by Alan Johnson Enterprise, it's called  an "AJ Billet Hemi ".


We run a "bruno Converter Drive" w/ a Three Spped Lenco transmission behind. The converter drive allows us to lock the car in the lights and w/ the release of a button its like side stepping the clutch. Which allows us to launch the car effectively.


Now for the Chevy Nova Itself. We purchased a Chassis Kit from Tim McCamis Race Cars and completed the assembly ourselves.
The Car's Wheelbase has been extended $4" from stock 108" to 112" for stabilty. The body is Lightwieght Composite. the Chassis is Chromoly Tubing for High Strength. The car weighs only 2450#