Robert "Bob" Orsolini

My first love was discovered in an old garage on Harding and Hirsch, Chicago, IL.  I was 16 years old and had $300 in my pocket.  I told my dad "Big Bob" how much I wanted this car.  He was not one to say no but he also did not offer to push the car for three blocks.  And that started my ever lasting passion for the 1967 SS Chevy Nova.

Joseph "Joe" Orsolini

I've always been one to take things apart and try my best to put them back together but with greater power, a.k.a. Child's Play.   My interest in cars came early by watching my brother with his friends, drag racing on the streets of Chicago and anywhere else that they may not get caught.  Years later I wanted to take on the role of a partner and hence I became the Crew Chief.  Taking the engine apart and putting it back together is now child's play with a more expensive price tag.

David " Lil Wayne" Williams

Bob and Joe took me under their wings at a young age.  They took my apprenhensions and shyness  and made me stronger, engaging and a well molded young man.   Today I take Bob under my wings by providing support and by carefully and cautiously setting up his shoots for the next race.  I'm proud that he  trusts me with probably one of the most important jobs in racing.

Robert "Bobby" McFeely

I've been part o f the Orsolini family/Brothers since my early teens, friends, coworkers, trouble makers, all good fun in our youth.  Especially the late night street runs, Fulton/ Damen, Incinerators, Elston, you name it we were there.  Later we wanted to be part of the a larger group with more challenges  and excitement.  Da Grove...history all by itself.  I, like my father, always have had a passion for cars, building, rebuilding and along with the comradery and new friendships found along the way.